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Children in families

Apart from the children in our Children´s Homes, the Society provides financial support to 20 children living with a relative. Often the children live with a grandmother who lacks the means to pay for school fees, school books or healthcare for the children. With financial assistance from the Society the children can attend school. We also provide money for food in order to avoid the worst effects of malnutrition. Some of the children are siblings to children living at our Children´s Homes and we are prepared to step in and take care of them should anything happen to their relatives.


Our aim is that wherever possible, and if there are family members willing to take care of their young relatives, we will help children move from our Homes to the family. Basically we believe it is best for the children to grow up with their relatives. We must however keep a careful lookout and be prepared to take action since there are relatives willing to sell off children as slave workers or to brothels. We will therefore be on hand to support the families as long as the children are allowed to live as children and attend school.


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